English effectiveness 1 (level 8 conversation)

You will receive the partial certificate of Engels Effectiveness 1 A + Engels Effectiveness 1 B in the course Engels richtgraad 4 if you pass this module.


In this course the emphasis is on oral language skills. In a small group we talk about a wide range of subjects. Simply ideal if you are looking for a course in which you want to maintain and apply what you have already acquired in English in recent years. Of course we expand our vocabulary considerably and try to perfect the grammar, but always orally!

The choice of themes is made in consultation with the students and is in line with their needs and interests. Each class we also train our listening skills in the form of reports, news reports, songs, film clips, etc.

What are the additional costs?

We use a coursebook or syllabus during the lessons. During the first class, the teacher will tell you which coursebooks are being used. The guide price for the coursebook varies between 20 and 50 euros.

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