Russian breakthrough 1 (level 1)

You will receive the partial certificate of Russisch Breakthrough A + Russisch Breakthrough B in the course Russisch richtgraad 1 if you pass this module.


In this level you will learn the alphabet and take the first steps to becoming a basic user of Russian. 

We start from daily situations: introducing yourself, making a phone call, asking for directions, doing some shopping, ordering drinks and snacks at a restaurant, booking a room in a hotel. The basic grammar is taught in an interactive way. 

After this module you will know the main use of the cases and you will be able to conjugate verbs in three tenses. We also look at the three-part name system, Russian geography, public transport in Russia, shops and markets. Step by step you will get in touch with the Russian language and culture.

What are the additional costs?

We use a coursebook or syllabus during the classes. The teacher will tell you in the first class which coursebooks will be used. The guide price for the coursebook varies between 20 and 50 euros.
  • Coursebook Halle and Rode
Passport to Russia I. Russian for secondary education. Textbook. N. Louwerse, L. Lubotsky, D. Meijman.  | ISBN 978-90-614-3357-6
CD Paspoort voor Rusland 1. Dialogen en luisteroefeningen (Pegasus, 2010) ISBN 978-90-614-3355-2

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