Spanish breakthrough (level 1)

You will receive the partial certificate of Spaans breakthrough A + Spaans breakthrough B in the course Spaans richtgraad 1 if you pass this module.


We strive for a useful competence in practical conversation situations on holiday, in your daily life and at work. 

We do this in the following way:
  • in this course we start from practical situations in everyday life
  • basic grammar and vocabulary are taught in an interactive way
  • vocabulary and basic grammar are used to communicate as much as possible in the target language
  • you will learn to have simple conversations (introduce yourself, go shopping, order something in a cafe or restaurant, daily activities and hobbies, ...)
  • you learn to talk in a simple way in the present and past tense
  • you get to know Spanish and Latin American culture with its customs and mentality 

What are the additional costs?

We use a coursebook or syllabus during the classes. The teacher will tell you in the first class which coursebooks will be used. The guide price for the coursebook varies between 20 and 50 euros.
  • Coursebook Halle and Rode:
Agencia ELE 1 (A1) Nueva Edicion (Libro de clase): € 30.00
ISBN 978-84-977-8953-0 en ISBN 978-90-545-1669-9
Agencia ELE 1 (A1) Nueva Edicion (Libro de ejercicios) € 20.00
ISBN 978-84-977-8954-7 en ISBN 978-90-545-1670-5

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