Nederlands voor doven en slechthorenden Breakthrough 1.1 en Waystage 1.2


In this Dutch course you will learn to communicate in Flemish Sign Language and to read and write in Dutch. The teacher is an interpreter of Flemish Sign Language. She speaks and makes gestures at the same time. She also gets help from volunteers who speakSign Language.

  • You do preparatory exercises (e.g. in Latin script).
  • You follow 1.1 (Breakthrough) or 1.2 (Waystage).
  • You work mainly in groups, according to your level and needs.
  • ou work with exercises from the regular NT2 modules, but also with materials developed for alpha students in primary education, and with overview sheets with images of the gestures.

For whom?

There are both low-and high-level students in the group that can be either deaf or hard of hearing. Some students are able to speak a little, others not at all. At the start of the course not everyone knows a sign language yet, but also the hard of hearing will learn to express themselves better by learning Flemish Sign Language.

During an intake interview we will determine which is the appropriate course for you. Find outmore about the registration procedure.

Where and when?

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