Arabic 3

You will receive the partial certificate of Arabisch Waystage 1 A + Arabisch Waystage 1 B in the course Arabisch richtgraad 1 if you pass this module.


At this level you will gain a better understanding and insight into the structure of the language and its use in different situations in everyday life. You will develop sufficient flexibility and communication skills to be able to conduct extensive conversations (including emails, letters and applications), both in a personal and a professional context.

At the end of this level: 
You are able to communicate about advertisements:
  • residential properties
  • vacancies
  • renting a car on holiday
  • living in an Arab country

You also have the knowledge to communicate about:
  • characters
  • love and marriage
  • hobbies and sports
  • cooking and Arab cuisine

You can also expand your reading and writing skills by:
  • reading and writing postcards
  • writing emails
  • writing with an Arabic keyboard
  • describing the daily activities of an individual or family

Do not buy a handbook before the start of the classes. Your teacher will give you the right information during the first class.

Required prior knowledge

You should have already completed the Arabic Breakthrough 2 module (level 2) or you should be able to prove by means of an entry-level test that you already master the basic competences.

Where and when?

Arabic 3
Arabic 3 (130741)
From 16 September 2024 to 9 June 2025
Monday evening