English Tea Topics 1

This is an open module at the level of open module in the course Engels richtgraad 4 . You will receive a partial certificate supplement if you pass this module.


🍵 Tea Topics: Sip, Savour, Speak 🍵

Discover the perfect blend of conversation and learning with Tea Topics, our advanced English course designed to empower you with the confidence and fluency you need to express yourself articulately in engaging conversations with like-minded individuals. Just like a refreshing cup of tea, our classes provide the perfect setting to invigorate your mind and engage in stimulating discussions.

Led by an experienced instructor who acts as both moderator and guide, our sessions encourage lively debates on the week’s hot topics.  From current affairs to trending issues, you'll delve into written and oral sources, selected for you and your fellow students, ensuring every discussion is relevant and engaging.

Join Tea Topics and savour the opportunity to enhance your English skills while sharing your unique perspectives. Our course is your chance to steep yourself further in the language, stir up insightful conversations, and brew your confidence to perfection.

Enrol now and make every conversation as satisfying as a perfectly brewed cup of tea!

Required prior knowledge

You should have already completed English 7 module or you should be able to prove by means of an entry-level test that you already master the basic competences.

Where and when?

English Tea Topics 1
English Tea Topics 1 (131868)
From 17 September 2024 to 21 January 2025
Tuesday evening