Introductory Spanish over lunch 1

This is an open module at the level of Spaans breakthrough A + Spaans breakthrough B in the course Spaans richtgraad 1 . You will receive a partial certificate supplement if you pass this module.


During this course we will teach you the basics of the language, you will learn how to form simple sentences, questions and answers and how to get by in everyday situations.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn Spanish in a fun and effective way! Enrol in this online Spanish course and start your journey on your lunch break, wherever you are. Our online course is flexible and convenient, ensuring that you can learn anytime, anywhere.

100% online: During one hour you follow an interactive class online together. The rest of the time (one hour more or less) you will work with the teaching material on the online learning platform, at your own pace.

Required prior knowledge

  • No prior knowledge required.

Where and when?

Introductory Spanish over lunch 1
Introductory Spanish over lunch 1 (132237)
From 17 September 2024 to 10 June 2025
Tuesday afternoon