Portuguese 1

You will receive the partial certificate of Portugees breakthrough A + Portugees breakthrough B in the course Portugees richtgraad 1 if you pass this module.


You get to know the Portuguese language. In addition to a number of basic grammatical concepts, you will be presented with various situations to practise vocabulary and constructions in all kinds of contexts. You will learn to introduce yourself (personal details, origin, profession...), to talk about daily activities and your hobbies, to order something in a cafe and to talk about the weather and the climate. You will also learn how to use the various means of transport. You will also learn the basics to express yourself in the past tense.

Do not buy a handbook before the start of the classes. Your teacher will give you the right information during the first class.

Required prior knowledge

No prior knowledge required. 

Where and when?

Portuguese 1
Portuguese 1 (130829)
From 18 September 2024 to 11 June 2025
Wednesday evening