French 3

You will receive the partial certificate of Frans Threshold 1 Mondeling en Schriftelijk in the course Frans richtgraad 2 if you pass this module.


In this and the following 3 modules, you become an independent user of French. The oral aspect remains very important. You learn to speak about various topics: about work, cultural events, leisure time, travelling, living, celebrations and local customs.

In this level we further practice the already acquired basic vocabulary and grammar. You repeat the past tense and learn the "conditionnel présent" and "futur simple". You also learn more complex structures, typical sayings and the difference between the spoken and written language.

Do not buy a handbook before the start of the classes. Your teacher will give you the right information during the first class.

Required prior knowledge

French 2 or prove that you have already mastered the basic competences by means of a placement test (check your level).

Where and when?

French 3
French 3 (130895)
From 17 September 2024 to 10 June 2025
Tuesday evening